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A boring tool, a collet, a retention knob or an end mill holder should only ever be purchased from a machine tool distributor or directly from a machine tool manufacturer that knows what they are doing, especially for an ER collet, which the machining industry uses most often for clamping needs. If you plan to bore, or apply a machining process that enlarges existing holes that have been drilled by utilizing a single point cutting tool, make sure that you have adequate training processes in place for safety at your organization. While it is possible to help a shop become more disciplined when they use a presetter, failure to provide adequate training may cancel out all of the benefits of presetter use. Two of the most common issues a contractor or industrial manufacturer will face is finding qualified labor and making sure that qualified labor does not get hurt on the job. Insurance rates tend to spike when a person gets hurt, spends a few months of home while still getting paid and requires a replacement in the interim.

Safety with the use of any end mill holder at your company might help you avoid this insurance rate spike and replacement labor cost. Learn more about safety when it comes to end mill holder used by downloading instructional videos from manufacturers of these holders, speaking with occupational health and safety professionals in your area, and only hiring workers with plenty of common sense.

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