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When you are looking for hearty Rochester NY restaurants the whole city has what you are looking for. Going to a steak house is a great idea for this type of food. Try Black and Blue, an upscale steak house with amazing original flavors. If you want to try something more unique, there is a Brazilian meat restaurant called Espada that is very popular and has delicious food for both carnivores and omnivores.

When looking for restaurants rochester ny residents can have their pick of gluten free options at a lot of different restaurants. If you are not gluten free, but still health conscious there are so many different Rochester NY restaurants you can go to. Some specific streets in the city of Rochester have a lot of restaurant choices to offer.

If you are visiting Park Ave you can choose from Nathans Soup and Salad for some reasonably priced and originally delicious flavors. They also have gluten free options. There are some lovely sit down restaurants on Park Ave, as well. If you like breakfast, Jines Restaurant has won Best Breakfast in City Magazines Best of Rochester Contest the last few years. They are known especially for their awesome omelettes.

If you would rather have something else besides breakfast or soup, Rochester is known for the crazy amount of pizza places there are in the area. There are a huge amount of pizza places in this area and there are so many good ones. If you want a unique type of pizza, Great Northern Pizza Kitchen can be a pretty good option. If you are looking for classic style pizza that has a great flavor, Checkers Pizza on Park Ave is definitely good. In Rochester NY restaurants are more like a pastime than a mode of eating.

When you are in Rochester NY restaurants that serve pizza come in huge numbers. The competition can get pretty ridiculous. Marks Pizza and Pontillos seem to be one of the bigger competitors that are not chains outside of New York.

In Rochester NY restaurants are plentiful. Since there are so many different ones to choose from, a lot of residents have trouble choosing which Rochester restaurants to go to. If you have a palette that leans more towards the picky side, for whatever reason, there are so many Rochester NY restaurants that can meet your needs.

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  1. Are you kidding? Do you even like pizza? It is ridiculously good in Rochester, you are missing out on so much awesome food. It kind of makes me sad for you.

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