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If you are looking for a place that offers great advice from real people on almost any subject under the sun, forums are a great place to visit online. While not all forums are necessarily equally reliable or relevant to a given subject, it should be noted that knowing how to choose the right forums for your needs can go a long way toward making you a more informed person on your topic of choice!

To begin, ask yourself what type of question or subject you would like to ask of anyone using any currently active forums. Are these questions city or region specific, or are they more general? Once you have nailed down these basics, search online for forums, and include a couple of relevant keywords to give you the type of responses you need. When you have a few relevant forums in front of you as the result of your aforementioned search, go ahead and read through what other users have had to say on each viable forum you come across. Take this opportunity to find out if your questions have already been answered in other threads, and if they have not been, look closely at any posting rules in the forums you like best for tips on how to introduce yourself and ask a question.

Once you have formulated your question and found the right forums to ask it on, go ahead and create a user account, et cetera on the forums you like best in accordance with the rules. Always be polite, and the other users on any particular forum you choose should return your excellent manners quite beautifully. If you wish to keep active on these forums, just remember your basic netiquette rules in order to maintain a long and fruitful relationship with these other users as long as the forum is going strong!

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