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, and others. The highest levels of lecithin are found in eggs. Lecithin should be taken through food sources, not supplementation. Lecithin is beneficial to your body. It has the ability to reduce cholesterol. Lecithin suppliers say that lecithin helps to lower dangerous cholesterol levels that are found in the bloodstream. This results in decreasing the risk of cardiovascular problems by lowering blood pressure.

The manufacturers of lecithin claim that it improves digestion and increases mucus production in small intestinal tracts. It makes digestion more easy. Lecithin is beneficial to individuals with cognitive issues. Lecithin has a chemical called Choline, which is a chemical that plays a role by the communication channels of the brain. This results in a sharper memory boost and better nervous system health. Lecithin is an anti-inflammatory compound that combats bacteria within the digestive tract. Lecithin suppliers also claim that the use of lecithin will improve hair’s texture and quality.

Lecithin can also increase fertility as well as the production of the sperm. Try eating foods with high levels of lecithin in order to boost your immune system.


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