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th a lot of computing power. It provides computing capabilities to clients computers, such as your home desktop. This video delves into the particulars of what a server is , and what it does.

There are many roles that servers may perform. Web pages are hosted by servers. Servers for databases allow clients access to an array of data. Mail servers are used to send emails.

A server may be dedicated to just one operation. This is a lot easier for larger corporations. Smaller organizations usually rely on one server that can handle multiple processes, such as web hosting, data and hosting for email.

A server is not a specific type of computer, but the role that each computer can fill. There is the option of setting the desktop computer up as serving as a server. If you want to let other computers connect to your files and files, you could create a network within your house. It is also possible to use your desktop as a web server. Desktop computers come with some restrictions. Because of software and hardware limitations they are unable to process huge networks and files.

More information on servers and their function in this short video.


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