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on. According to theory, an online service provider could watch everything you do. However, they’re not likely to monitor your activity. It is only if the authorities request data from a criminal. If that is the case, they are going to require a good criminal attorney very soon. In this video you’ll learn about how many hackers evade the system in order to remain anonymous.

VPNs are the most effective way hackers can remain anonymous. The VPN secures and anonymizes data. The idea is to make it appear like the data comes from someplace other rather than where it actually is. While it’s technically possible but decoding doesn’t warrant the effort. Hackers also often add another layer of anonymity. They’ll make use of the VPN that is then accessed through a TOR that is a network comprised of multiple computers. It will ping-ponge data across different machines until it is at an end stage. They are almost impossible to trace in the event that both techniques can be used in tandem. The possibility is there, however, it is certainly not possible. Criminals do get caught at the end.


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