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Traditional practices of the Catholic Traditions of the Catholic Church Every Catholic church has beautiful artwork, ranging from exquisitely constructed statues to gorgeous stained glass windows. In fact, ost Catholic icons are full of images that evoke the Bible in one way or in another. even the most basic of things could have an underlying meaning, completely transforming the power and message of the piece. Making an icon is sacred. It is equally crucial to comprehend an icon. The video below will demonstrate some of the most intriguing symbolic meanings found in Catholic iconography.

One of the main issues that the depictions of Jesus have run into throughout history is portraying him as both wholly god as well as a man in all his glory. It is a difficult concept to grasp, but each artist has had an individual approach. In this icon, there is a snail doodled right close to the footprint of St. Francis. Instead of expressing anything in a “this is the same as that” way the artist has turned the concept upside down. We are meant to view the snail in a way that it is not God however, it still has the characteristics of God.


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