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And adjusting components so they align the wheels to one another and with the road. The alignment should be done by a wheel alignment service company that uses a device specifically designed for this purpose. Modern alignment machines have clamp-like attachments which are connected to the wheels and connected to a computer to make exact measurements. The mechanic will also use this opportunity to ensure that no suspension elements are damaged or are worn down.

In an alignment process, the axles and wheels on a car are put into alignment to ensure that they move in the same direction. The mechanic adjusts the toe, thrust, angles of camber and caster in order to alter the manner that the tires rotate and also where they’re located. Also, the tech ensures that your wheel is located in the center. The suspension of your car will decide what type of alignment you get. Four-wheel alignments only work for vehicles that have all-wheel drive and front-wheel drive. If this is the case the axles have to be properly lined up so that all four wheels are aligned in the shape of a rectangle, in line with one another, perpendicular the ground. mdm6ty11am.

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