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Who can carry out this procedure? Whitening teeth is done by any dentist or other dental professionals like dentists, hygienists and dental therapists. A few beauty salons offer tooth-whitening solutions. It is not legal to do so if there is no dentist at the location. Also, in spite of salons offering a cheap kits for teeth whitening and inexpensive teeth whitening products without professionals can put the health of a person’s mouth at risk. It’s important to seek expert advice, even if there are many saloons that offer cheap and affordable dental whitening kits. What happens after professional whitening takes place? The patient will need to go back several times to the dentist over the course of. The dentist will also make an impression of your teeth and develop a custom mouthguard. He will instruct them on how to apply bleaching gel to the teeth for about two weeks to. 2l2f2ybgt1.

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