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This video details the role of Dr. Lolita McDavid’s role as Medical Director for Child Advocacy and Protection, Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital. She is also the Pediatric Hospital of University Hospitals Case Medical Center. The Dr. McDavid is responsible for offering vital community outreach and also coordinating medical aid for Children Protection Unit. Child Protection Unit, helping children and families that could be vulnerable in Northeast Ohio. She also serves as a Professor of Pediatrics for the Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine. Since she is able to play a variety of roles the doctor. McDavid enjoys her work. Dr. McDavid is a doctor who treats patients who have special needs and other health issues. In the past, they used to have faith in what their parents would tell them about their children’s injuries. Nowadays, they do not have to make this decision. There are a variety of ways that to determine whether an injury occurred because of negligence or an adult. There are two types of trauma: accidental trauma and non-accidental injury. Doctor. McDavid is called if there are injuries that don’t correspond to the narrative. It is possible to gain knowledge about Pediatric clinics. Continue watching the video for more information. x2cvpl1s5s.

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