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John McDonald, popular YouTuber Flower Joos shows how to make the most beautiful floral arrangements.

The arrangement isn’t just about flowers. The vessel in which arrangements are placed is important. Flowers and the containers need to work together to create a cohesive whole. Greenery is a great addition to help make a more pleasing shape, particularly when flowers are not yet in bloom.

Next, you must decide on the general shape of your flower arrangement. Should it be like an lollipop, a mushroom or even an actual tree? The possibilities are endless. You can create inventive designs using flower frames or cages like a new moon or animal.

Every arrangement is adorned with an element of flowers that instantly grabs the eye’s attention. These are called focal flowers. Select these flowers prior to adding any other flower or foliage. In order to complement the main flower go with the greenery additional flowers to fill the space. Arrangements are made with roughly cut and arranged flowers as well as greenery to make a pleasing overall shape. After the arrangement is determined, it’s put together and tied. The arrangement is then ready to use. a36n4in5u7.

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