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arms or legs. This isn’t something you want to do. The video discusses what happens to nerves when this happens. could be treated on its own.

The cause and source of the problem determine the solutions to fix the issue. When your nerves are properly taken care of, they’ll recover and heal. Regeneration times vary based on how severely your nerve was injured and what kind of injury you sustained. Your nerve should heal in about 6 to 12 weeks after it has been damaged or bruised. Following approximately four months of “rest” A nerve that has been cut will begin to grow around 1 millimeter/day. The exercise routine releases the natural painkillers known as endorphins. The blood vessels of the feet and legs are also nourished by the exercise. A regular exercise routine can lead to a permanent expansion of the blood vessels within feet. This could help nourish damaged nerves. In some cases, nerve damage is permanent, regardless of whether the root cause has been taken care of.


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