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What are some fascinating facts about motorcycles? Yammie Noob shares this long list of completely bizarre and surprising facts about motorbikes. What are the various terms used to describe motorcycles? what one is the most likely to draw focus from women? As well as urban myths and myths.

Yammie provides his quirky, hilarious take on the world of motorcycles. Yammie rants and raves about bike facts such as how to boost your bike and who will give advice. Yammie also slams through stats for ways to boost the speed of your bike (with Helmet stickers and top gear, of course).

Yammie concludes with a dark and humorous look at the lives of bikers and how they manage once their bike addiction has taken over your life, day or even your money. Yammie gives another sarcastic, humorous monologue regarding motorcycle features including culture, the biker attitude in this video slam-dunk.

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