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The stress of leaks from your food preparation equipment can be overwhelming and stressful, however don’t leap the gun and purchase a replacement just yet. This video will show the steps to make repairs to the water heaters at home for smaller leaks.

The first thing to check is the relief valve. This is an important security device to protect against explosions when the pressure or temperature rises. It is recommended that the valve stop leaking after closing.

Leakage may indicate corrosion, which can prevent the valve’s closing. Also, check for leaks around the threads. It’s the easiest solution is to swap out the relief valve. If it’s discharged regularly it’s fine. If it’s discharges often then it’s running. In the event, a tech can install a diaphragm extension tank.

The drain valve will be utilized in regular maintenance, to empty the tank. Because brass is most reliable these valves are manufactured from brass. The leak could originate from the drain, or threads joining to the water heater. Simple repairs can fix the issue.

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