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You have just moved into a new home and want to paint the wall to the first time. This video will demonstrate how to choose the best paint roller, as well as helpful suggestions on painting.

Nap length is the measurement of each paint roller. This refers to the length of the bristles on the roller. There are different length bristles for different surfaces. For surfaces with smooth surfaces, half-inch bristles are ideal. The short bristles don’t provide any texture that isn’t needed. The 3/8-inch bristles are suitable for surfaces that are semi-rough. These larger fibers are perfect for creating indentations with texture within the wall. Lastly, one inch bristles are great for painting walls that have a great deal of texture. An excellent example would be popcorn ceilings or walls. The long bristles are able to quickly reach into crevices and provide a fresh paint when you apply your paint on the wall.

Before you start painting it is important to completely immerse the roller into the paint. This will guarantee that the paint is evenly spread. Start from the top.


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