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The lenges that are encountered along the way get too hard, and they are pushed off the track. Dmitry Lipinskiy understands this all to well, working involved in construction for over 15 years. The expert has an insight into what roofing contractors new to the industry should be prepared for on their way to becoming roofers.

Lipinskiy says that roofing contractors traverse through five phases during the first 10 years, which determine their careers. In the first phase, we’re in the honeymoon, when contractors make the first large profit and is convinced that it’s easy sailing. In the second stage known as testing, you’ll start facing difficulties like the lack of supplies and inadequate resources to finish the work.

In the third phase, roofing contractors go through increasing pains and must compromise their career for the sake of it. Most contractors quit at this point. At the 4th stage, things are getting better and you see the fruits of your work. In the final phase, you’ll have a leadership position in your industry, with the ability to fulfill clients’ demands. No matter what phase you’re at continue to expand your business.

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