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What exactly is Waste Management?
It is the process of collecting, transporting, and proper disposal of garbage, sewerage and various waste products.

Waste of all kinds
The liquid can also be referred to as wastewater. It can cause severe environmental damage. This includes oil, grease and other sludges, along with detergents. The majority of them must be contained, treated, and disposed of if unrecyclable.

Solid waste – It is the kind of material from industrial and commercial sites. This includes: plastics papers, paper, scrap metal as well as glass and ceramic.

Organics – This is a predominantly organic waste, and can also be called biodegradable. It can be decomposed if properly removed.

Recycling – Items that are recyclable could be broken down and recycled. These include: plastic, metal, organic waste, and furniture.

They include toxic, flammable, and corrosive materials. These substances can be hazardous to both the environment as well as the people who use them.

Society is now required to take part in reducing the waste that has increased faster than before.

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