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Houseplants can make your house more cheerful and help you to cool down during heatwaves. The plants function as an air conditioner, generating moisture by transpiration. The summer months are the ideal time to buy plants.

When you arrange plants in a room you can make a microclimate that is cooler than the rest of the environment. Indoor plants can help to reduce pollution.

The most common houseplants are rubber and peace the lilies. They thrive in humid conditions and naturally cool houses.

7. Switching sheets and other bedding material

To increase airflow, swap sheets made of polyester with cotton sheets. Air cooler can circulate through cotton sheets more easily than polyester sheets. Thread counts that are high make it much easier to fall asleep. The flipside is that tags on sheets stick to your clothing which makes it tough to get to sleep, and possibly causing excessive heat.

Pillows made from fabric that breathes can permit warmth to move away from your body. As a result the body’s temperature can be maintained.

The feathering of your mattress toppers to reduce heat. The mattress will cool you down because the cotton casings wick moisture out.

8. Using Freezer and Refrigerator


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