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A piercing of the earlobe as time passes, people are getting more imaginative. The majority of these body piercings involve cartilage tissuethat is located in numerous body regions. What are the most uncommon piercings that one will find from a body-piercing firm?

According to the narrator in the video, the rarest body piercings is the rhino perforation. This piercing of the body is performed through the nostril tip. An end that is circular holds the barbell in place. Certain people prefer to take it a more a step up and utilize spike tips for securing the barbell.

The 2nd most uncommon body piercing that is transverse Earlobe Piercing. Rather than being affixed in at the center of lobe it extends over the whole length of the earlobe.

The third body piercing that is rarest is the mantis puncturing. It’s similar to a nose piercing but it is attached at the tips.

The piercing is fourth on the list of most unusual body piercings. Why? because it is a part of the cartilage in the nose.

Sep drilling is the fifth most one of the body’s most difficult perforations. You must have an existing septum piercing and then have it extended.

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