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Alifornia’s Cuisine and Why It Unique

The Californian cuisine scene is known because of its continuous increase. There’s a wide variety of international cuisines. You can find anything to meet your preferences with a variety of cuisines, such as Chinese, Indian and Italian dishes. Whatever you decide to are, dining establishments in California serve delectable dishes that are sure to make you feel satisfied.

California food was born out of the farm-to-table movement in the 70s when Alice Waters coined this concept. Alice Waters was of the belief that food was best made by hand and not rely on processed foods. Since then, the cuisine has focused on fresh produce and high-quality cooking methods, with a particular emphasis on healthy meals. California chefs today are able to rely on fresh seasonal ingredients and local products to make innovative, tasty and sophisticated dishes. California cuisine is easy to prepare using only high-quality, fresh ingredients. Chefs season food subtly instead of overpowering the flavor with ingredients that alter the taste.


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