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Everyday tasks. The role of a respiratory Therapist is to analyze and treat patients with breathing difficulties and problems. The therapists help patients suffering from persistent conditions as well as those who have suffered the trauma of surgery or trauma.
A respiratory therapist manages patients’ care and manages the medical equipment that is used in tests and procedures related to breathing and lungs. This job requires that you work in a variety of environments and work with patients suffering from different injuries or illnesses. Respiratory therapists spend most of their time at hospitals and medical office. There is some travel required to teach or assist patients at home.
The respiratory therapist’s job is for diagnosing and treating the patients. They also administer suction and oxygen therapy. Patients then receive exercises for improving their breathing. The respiratory therapist also educates caregivers and their families on how to take care of patients. They learn how to administer medicines or different techniques to enhance the health and quality of life.
A lot of respiratory therapists work in close cooperation with physicians, nurses and physical therapists. Based on their specialization, they may be assigned to different parts in the medical facility. dujaqsceam.

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