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Before you can order and mount blinds on your windows, it is crucial to measure them accurately. Blinds should fit properly. A professional can help you figure out the correct size and install your blinds. If you’re more of the do-it-yourself type, then here are some helpful tips to assist you in getting accurate measurements.

You should use a stainless steel measuring stick. Other tapes will not only not be accurate, but could also create a problem. Be sure to measure every eighth inch. If the measurement you take falls on a sixteenth, round down to the closest eighth.

Also, make sure you record the measurements. The wrong size to buy due to misinformation will be the last thing you’d want to do. Note down the measurements to help you save time and money!

This last tip is specifically applicable to inside mounts. Check the height of your windows to establish the size of an interior mount. Then, compare that measurement with the minimum thickness of your cover. Make sure there are any obstructions within the window frame that could impede an inside mount.


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