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Because it can be made into semiconductor. The Youtube video “Semiconductor Production Process Explained” illustrates the process of turning seemingly normal sand into something useful for the world. Let’s find out more!

The process of turning sand one of the elements for the future involves many stages. The first step is to convert the silicon dioxide contained in the sand to silicon. The silicon dioxide contained in the sand then transforms into pure silicon. The disks are then utilized to make as much as 35,000 chips at factories. Following that, chips are coated with photoresist layers, then they are developed, exposed and cut.

This creates semiconductor structures however, they’re many times smaller than hair. For the purpose of adding additional electrical connections, people add dopants to the chip. The process can repeat several times. Likewise, there’s more procedures to follow. It could take as long as 14 weeks for a disk’s processing. After that, the microchip is constructed using up to 30 layers.

To learn more about the process to produce a semiconductor, as well as what the next steps for semiconductors it is possible to view the rest in the film.


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