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Even though it could seem difficult when it comes to home improvement however, the steps are simple enough for you to comprehend the whole procedure. Making exterior window shutters take just a few hours should it be done properly.

The first step is to determine the position of the shutter on the siding. The top of the shutter must be placed in line with the trim at the top of the window. You should align the bottom with the thickest , lowest part of your window trim. Be sure to leave a quarter inch gap between the window trim and the shutters in order to accommodate the expanding and contracting of metals with temperature fluctuations.

In the next step, make mounting holes inside the shutters. The majority of shutters require four holes, one for each corner that should be two inches off from each edge in order to prevent cracks from forming. Larger shutters may require additional holes drilled.

Now you are able to place the shutter in line with those on the siding. In order to allow screws to be inserted in siding, drill pilot holes into previously-drilled mounting openings.

To learn more about installing shutters on windows with exteriors, watch the accompanying video.


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