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It is much easier than you might think. The system has two sides to the system: the hot side and cold side. There is also a compressor between them that cools the hot part while pushing away cold air.

In the event that the thermostat displays a higher temperature, the compressor assists in lowering the refrigerant’s temperature to lower its temperature which means that the air it passes through it will be able also cool.

High-pressure, high-temperature gases enter the condenser coil. The coolant then increases it’s pressure so that it can cool the air. The heat in the hot air will be able be displayed to the exterior of the home and also through the condenser unit in the outdoor unit.

Cool air comes from cooler air inside which can cool and pushes the refrigerant. This process isn’t too complicated to comprehend, however should you find a system that is not performing as it should, it’s going to be better for a professional within the HVAC industry to look at your system and figure out what the issue is.


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