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This will prevent the blocking or any other issue with the plumbing system that could be costly for homeowners. The YouTube video “DIRTY JOBS: How to clean the Grease Trap inside a Restaurant Food Video of the what is an Interceptor Looks like” demonstrates that everyone who owns a property must understand how to effectively clean the grease trap.
What is the importance of proper maintenance for the grease trap?

Grease traps can are used to store fat, oil and grease. They’re also referred to as FOG (for Fat Oil Gravel). It lets waste water be able to pass through the drainage system , however it does not prevent the FOG from getting into the. It is essential to utilize the grease trap cleaner that is designed to improve the performance of the grease trap while reducing the frequency of maintenance or service.

The trap for grease must be maintained regularly. Inadequate maintenance could lead to build-up, which leads to FOG being absorbed into the drainage system. This will have a domino effect as it may cause blockages of the drain, overflow or even clogging. To avoid this happening the property owners should implement a maintenance schedule to ensure proper cleansing of the grease trap.


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