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You may have been asked to drink a fluid or put a cotton sample to your nose to get tested. The FDA has certified a range of COVID tests for use in urgent situations. The video below will discuss the tests that are most frequently used. Molecular The majority of tests performed by molecular tests is using samples collected with nasal swabs. They include PCR tests. These tests search for specific elements of the virus inside samples. The majority of patients don’t receive the results from these tests right in the moment, but the results they do receive are precise. This test can be employed to detect the presence of any aspect or component of the virus. They can find the substances. In fact, some tests yield results within 15 minutes. Although they are extremely effective due to their speed, they do not provide the same accuracy in molecular test results. Antibody tests These tests require saliva samples rather than nasal samples. These tests test for antibodies from previous instances or vaccines. They aren’t helpful in diagnosing COVID-19. gc8g2ubh7j.

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