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The bracelets are comprised by a string of diamonds, connected to the smallest support made of metal. They gained popularity following the death of a tennis star. Watch the video below to guide you in finding the best the diamond tennis bracelet that is right for you.

Many tennis bracelets are made with delicate four-prong settings in order to protect the diamonds. There are some that use bezels that help give the diamonds a bigger look or highlight additional platinum or gold the bracelet. It is important to choose a bracelet which is compatible with your preference for setting types.

Traditional tennis bracelets consist of an array of round cut diamonds. However, modern tennis bracelets vary in design. Certain of them employ various cuts that are set in designs or are positioned in random. Others incorporate non-traditional cuts like the star-shaped shapes. If you’re planning on wearing the bracelet casually, take into consideration both the cut and the carat of the stones. The smaller, more simple stones will be easier to wear casually than the larger more flashy stones.

A local jeweler can assist you in finding the right piece to complement your diamond as well as gemstone jewellery. a3etzm5ktq.

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