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The school you picked likely because of how good the educational system is. If you’re looking to see your child’s education thrive, you can use your local state’s Catholic tuition tax credit law to your advantage.

From 1998 onwards, Arizona law has permitted taxpayers to get tax credits on donations they make to Catholic schools and education programs. These tax credits can help offset the tax you pay on your taxes and, instead of channeling this money towards miscellaneous costs, you could direct it towards your child’s school.

This video shows how you can make maximum use of tax credits. To figure out the exact amount of tax credit that is available, you have to determine your tax liabilities. If you can maximize your donation to the school, the whole value can be tax deductible. Get a school tax receipt. It will enable you to use your donation for credit when you file your taxes. akwq7q5n3y.

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