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The roofing professionals inspect each roof. The next day, roofing professionals will check the roof. The required equipment and material are transported up to the roof.

The following step involves the cleaning of the roof before installation. The current roof is cleaned by removing all contaminants, dust and dirt. To clean up the roof area, the most common method is vacuuming the use of air pressure or sweeping is utilized. The next step is to apply the first layer of polyurethane and encasing of roof equipment takes place. The foam, mixture made up of two different liquids i.e. resin/polyol as well as isocyanate, then gets coated on the roof surface. After the liquid has been applied, it becomes a solid which then expands by 200% . It forms the perfect, smooth surface. The thickness of the foam can range between one and 1.5 inches and thick.

Once it’s done, the SPF layer is covered with either elastomeric or the granulatedacrylic. This is done to protect the SRF and roof from weather, wear, and UV radiation. Get in touch with the roofing company when you require your roof to last for a long time and resist water. lm6v93u4sf.

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