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There are a few terms for roofing used in the instructional video ’15 (actually 16.) roofing terms you must to understand professional Exteriors and Construction’ that can help you sound like a professional when it comes to hiring roofing contractors:

Synthetic Underlayment
The word refers to any type of material other than felt paper and other natural building materials, used as a base, or an outer layer to an eaves that do not completely cover the solid sheathing.

Section Valley
The term “gable end” is employed to denote sections of roofing which meet at an angle. Valley section (also called Gable ends or valley) is the place where two roofing systems join on top.

Turtle Vents
You will see these small circular roof sections in many residences. These vents are designed for allowing excess water out of the attic , to keep moisture from accumulating.

Impact rating
The rating for impact of a roofing is how it is able to withstand wind pressure. For instance, a 42mph wind ratings means that the roof is tested to resist or withstand temperatures of 42 mph.

The roof is a crucial component of any residential or commercial space. Therefore, it is important to understand the terminology that is used.

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