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the design of fire sprinklers is crucial, however it is the one aspect that is the top priority. It is, of course, the sprinklers. When there’s a flame, the ceiling around the sprinklers will increase in temperature and after it is at a certain temperature, the sprinkler will go off. This does not mean that all sprinklers will shut off at the same exact time. To activate each sprinkler the ceiling around it must heat up. This means that if one sprinkler goes off, and it is able to control the fire, the others might never turn on.

To restrict the length of time sprinklers may be active at the time the fire has been started and to ensure that they’re always filled to the top with water. Security is the top priority of all sprinkler systems. The structure and the requirements of any building will be taken into consideration before a type of sprinkler system chooses. Sprinkler systems are also available which allow firefighters to hook up their hoses directly to the source of water for the building in times of need. You can view the video below to know more about fire sprinklers.


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