Easy Rochester

Making Rochester Easy

The decision will be made to put up a roof, even if you don’t have the easiest time. It is possible to see extreme situations in this video.

A man tried to stack the shingles on his deck, before moving them to the roof. Unfortunately, the total load of the shingles proved a little too much for the deck’s capacity. The deck eventually collapsed underneath his feet. The deck was not designed to withstand the amount of weight. The deck makes you wonder if there was a problem with the deck’s structure. Whatever the reason, it’s an extremely unfortunate incident. The situation that followed was likely due to bad decisions.

A roof that was covered in snow was getting worked on by various contractors. They were employing the ice picks to remove snow from certain areas. They hoped to lift some of the snow off the roof. One person began hacking at the snow, and the whole snow was ripped off in a single fell. It was unfortunate that this sent the two roofers down in the snow. However, on the plus side, all this snow seemed to ease the fall of the roofers.


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