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“The Ask This Old House Director of Construction Tom Silva explains what ng refers to when it comes to roofing.

The roof installation process requires that you be fitted. It is important to ensure that you are supported by lines attached to the ridge as well as stage-ins that are surrounded by safety rails. Supports will keep you from falling down and from becoming part of the figures where one third of workers in construction die from falling off the roof.

Start your roof installation near the edges with an aluminum drip edge that is around 8 inches. It has a kicker that can make sure that water drops don’t run onto the fascia board, leading to it becoming the board to rot. The space between the kicker’s edge and the facia board can range from up to a quarter inch.

Attach the drip edge of aluminum around all sides of the building, including the gable end using 1 1/4 inch galvanized roofing nails. If the structure is unheated there will be no self ceiling. A 30 pound roll of felt paper could be utilized for covering your roof in totality. It is a sort of relief in between the roofing sheath as well as the roof’s underside shingles. It is able to absorb water should it build up so that it is not able to tamper with the roof sheath.

Layout the standard 3-tab roofing shingle which measures 36” long in width and twelve inches high. A hot sun causes those tar areas that make up the tab. Once heated, the tar glues to the lower part of the tab to the shingle preventing it from being blown out.

To make sure that the shingles are positioned properly to make sure they are placed correctly, create horizontal lines five feet apart (exposure) as well as 6 feet from each other (6 horizontal lines). It is recommended to place the shingles six inches apart. To allow for tension, give half an inch of overlap the edges. All your roofing shingles should be fixed to your roof’s edge. On the ridge, place carefully cut pieces of shingles to cover the opposite side of your roof. qgsxoe2rhp.

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