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The battery’s lifespan is extremely short. It is also more difficult to function well in temperatures that are cold. It is essential to check your car’s battery annually. It is not a good idea to be stuck in the winter. Performing an volt test done on the battery can tell you if it is strong enough to last through winter season or if it is necessary to upgrade it.

Corroded battery terminals and posts can easily cause starting problems most especially when temperatures are lower than zero. A buildup of corrosion could also hinder your battery’s ability to be recharged by its charging system.

Imagine you’d like to stay clear of car problems. This can cause headaches when you wake up. A battery terminal inspection is a great idea in the case. To avoid corrosion the best idea to apply a protective spray onto the terminals of your battery.

7. Ensure Your Lighting System

According to NASA according to the NASA there is a shorter daylight and night time is longer. As a result, it is likely that you will use your car’s lights much more often in winter months than during summer. Make sure that the lighting system in your car is in good working order through winter.

If the light bulbs are dim or look yellowish or fuzzy and do not change during an auto wash, you should consider changing the bulb. If the problem continues it is recommended to arrange an appointment with the car service provider to conduct an examination of your lighting system.

8. Check Your Window Tracks

A crucial car maintenance suggestion is to ensure that your vehicle’s track is in good in good condition. When it is cold outside, liquid seeps into the window tracks, causing drag as you open the windows. The drag can potentially result in significant damage to window regulator cables. They are expensive, costing about $300. If you’d like to stay clear of any issues It is recommended to make sure you have your car checked for inspection of the window track.

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