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egree) and licensed to practice in the state.

An attorney is capable of advising you on the most appropriate kind of bankruptcy to be filing and whether it is necessary to apply for. All the steps involved in filing for bankruptcy is clarified to you, such as how to proceed, what forms are required, which are the debts that can be reduced or eliminated, as well as the assets that you could maintain after the case is concluded.

The use of a bankruptcy lawyer is highly recommended if you are confident about the choice to file bankruptcy. This will allow you to prevent legal mistakes that can lead to financial ruin.

Life Insurance Policy

Life insurance is an excellent method to aid your family to ensure their future. In the event of your death, your beneficiaries will receive tax-free income from the proceeds of your life insurance policy.

Life Insurance Trust

Life insurance payments may not be exempt from estate tax. This is why it is advised to speak an insurance trust firm to establish a trust to own the life insurance policy, instead of being obligated directly.

The two types of trusts are revocable trust and irrevocable trust.

A trust that is revocable gives you the ability to control your finances and give you flexibility. However, the life insurance’s death benefit value gets into your overall assets to reflect the estate tax. Trusts that are irrevocable do not have to be subject to estate tax. There isn’t much influence over these trusts as they’re not included to the gross estate.

The proceeds of life insurance are typically secured by law of the state, prohibiting creditors from attaching to the proceeds. The distribution can be questioned by creditors if any beneficiaries are listed as creditors. Beneficiaries can still be protected against creditors if they have appropriate clauses.

Agent for Insurance

If you are interested in insurance (home car health, life and more. ) then you can choose insurance through an agent who is employed by an insurance company


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