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You might not be well-versed with. The majority of homeowners are stunned to hear about certain terms in roofing. They might not be able to comprehend the meaning behind the terms roofers employ.

There are many words that are confusing in relation to roofing. For instance, square refers to the measurement of your roof. It is easy to believe it is referring to the roof’s shape however this isn’t the case. It is important that a roofing contractor clarify the meanings to help you understand what’s going on. Decking refers to what is beneath the shingles. The gutter is located at the eve edge.

The rake edge refers to the spot where the two sections of your roof connect, which creates the v form. The gutter apron rests on your gutters. This prevents water from clogging the drainage. An ice-water shield, which is a water-and-ice cover that rests at the edge of your outside walls can also be called this. The shield extends 2 feet across the exterior wall up to your interior. In this video, you will learn more about roofing. These terms are vital to any roofing plan.


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