Easy Rochester

Making Rochester Easy

It will be clear how it is done in this video.

Clean up the vegetation and debris from your driveway. Any plants growing within cracks must be eliminated. Make sure you use a power washer on the driveway to get rid of any loose dirt.

After the driveway has dried fully, you may apply crack filling products to close the cracks. Be sure to match the hues at this stage; it will all be covered by the next stage.

Then, you can use a big brush or clean push-style broom to spread sealant around the perimeter that are of the road. This is an important procedure. Once you have outlined the areas to be sealed, spread around 2 gallons of sealant down the middle of your driveway. Make use of a big sponge to force it to the edges. Once there, use the squeegee in order to push back all the fluid that’s left onto the driveway, smoothing out the top coat. ojaekrfzjx.

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