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This video was made by an ex-car salesman. The video explains the best way to tell a salesperson about your car to ensure that you will get the greatest price possible. As someone who has experience selling cars, he is aware of the things that will grab a salesperson’s eye and benefit your position as a buyer.

Let them know that you’re shopping around
The person who sells you cars earns commissions for each purchase you make so they’ll want buyers to pick their preferred deal in the moment you’re purchasing. Even if you’ve not had the pleasure of visiting any other dealerships, telling the car salesperson that you’re considering a different dealership will convince them to give you the best price.

When you sell an old car for the latest model, you must inform your salesperson about what you’d like for it. Set a greater price than you really want to make sure that the negotiations go smooth and you’re getting what you’re looking for in the car. 5ec3su9mx6.

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